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Chimes and War Sequencer

Algorithmic Sequencer, MaxMSP

This project from 2022 was a development of previous algorithmic sequencers I had made in the past using Max. The goal was to chain a couple of simple processes together to create something with emergent complexity, so I combined the basic polymetric sequencer from the Quadraphonic Soundscapes project with a ‘List Splitting’ function I had developed. I ended up performing on this at an electronic open mic night. The purpose of the performance was to explore different ideas of time-based pattern forms using the Pattern-Generator’s non-linear behaviour in an improvisation.

What comes out are multi-sensory (audio-visual) changes over time inspired by ideas of musical form such as Indian traditional counting systems, dance repetition, polyrhythms, and drones. All interesting areas of music because of the unique way musicians navigate their rules and frameworks to create composition.

Currently I am working to turn this sequencer into a MaxforLive device to allow other Ableton users to have access to.

Here are some exerpts created live using the sequencer: